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Fall 2016 Applications Now Open!

 Application Information and Application
Please note that this will be our last Study Circle experience and hence preference will be given to institutions that would be new to NNOCCI, as well as those that routinely have public audiences.
Applications to close May 31st 2016
Alternatively AZA will be offering a NNOCCI course beginning Spring 2017, and more exciting NNOCCI-related opportunities will be announced in the coming year. 

More information on the NNOCCI Study Circle experience

Upcoming Introductory Workshops and NNOCCI Events:
Learn more about framing and climate change!
  • March - May 2016- The Visualizing Change (VisChange) project grew from the NNOCCI project as a means to visually communicate climate stories. For more information on how to participate in a VisChange training, please see their flyer.
New Publications & News: 

Interested in learning more about NNOCCI and Strategic Framing? Check out our Free Online Course:

The course is hosted in the FrameWorks Institute’s new online learning platform, FrameWorks Academy. Feel free to share this with any other colleagues!

To access this course – free of charge:

  • Visit Frameworks Academy
  • Go to 'Specialized Sponsored Courses' and select 'Framing for Climate Interpreters'
  • Place the course in your shopping cart (no need to pay unless you decide to purchase any of the other course materials)
  • ‘Check out’ and enter your information (no need for a code)
  • Once you have checked out, you will receive an email from FrameWorks Academy with instructions for accessing your course materials.

- March 2016- John Anderson of New England Aquarium publishes "Angling Toward Solutions in Climate Change Education" in the Informal Learning Review periodical.  Check it out here

- September 2015- NNOCCI hosts our first Alumni gathering and booth at the annual AZA conference in Salt Lake City.  Please see our '2-pagers' on NNOCCI's Scope of Work Overview & Recommendations.

- September 2015- NNOCCI 5 Year Impacts Summary: our Partners the New Knowledge Organization (NKO) have put together an impact summary highlighting the progression and successes of NNOCCI over our last 5 years.  Check it out here!

- May 2015 - Johnny Fraser of New Knowledge Organization presented "Safe Words: Social Support, Hope and Mental Processes" as a one-hour online symposium for the National Parks Service. 

- May 2015 - Several of our WHOI Science Fellow alumni are featured in short videos about their research and climate change. They are great resources!

Congratulations to our partner, Frameworks Institute on their MacArthur Award

Congratulations to our partner Sarah-Mae Nelson from Monterey Bay Aquarium, recently recognized as a White House Champion of Change for Climate Education and Literacy! 

- August 2014 - NC Aquariums: the (green) power of interpretation by W. Arey - Kent 

- July 2014 -
Teaching About Climate Change by C. Weilminster from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Magazine

- June 2014 - Shaping the Public Dialogue on Climate Change by W. Spitzer, in Future Earth: Advancing Civic Understanding of the Anthropocene, AGU 

- Spring 2014 Frameworks New Research:
 Metaphors and Values

- April 2014 American Psychological Association Podcast - "Speaking of Psychology: Understanding Climate Change," with Johnny Fraser and Janet Swim. Listen to the full recording and learn more. 
- February 2014 Issue of CONNECT Magazine features several NNOCCI-related stories about communicating Climate Change. Learn more

NNOCCI is a collaborative effort led by the New England Aquarium with the Association for Zoos and Aquariums, FrameWorks Institute, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, National Aquarium, Monterey Bay Aquarium, New Knowledge Organization in partnership with Pennsylvania State University and Ohio’s Center for Science and Industry.

With support from the National Science Foundation's Climate Change Education Partnership program, NNOCCI's goal is to establish a national network of professionals who are skilled in communicating climate science to the American public in ways that are engaging and stimulate dialog that is interesting, welcoming and solutions-oriented.

Please use this site to learn more about the NNOCCI project - who is involved, how you can get involved, and find links to more information about climate change, oceans and strategic framing. 

Made possible with funding from the National Science Foundation's Climate Change Education Partnership.
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